The upcyclist designer Lisa Lesa is busy, busy!

Lisa Lesa is definitely one of kind, and her work couldn’t be different: unique and impressive!

And because all good professionals are always busy… Lisa is also busy creating, inventing, launching and…

She’s just launched a new store online, where you can choose your favourite style, from gorgeous stilettos, peep toes, cute bags to lighting designs etc. You can also send her any kind of shoes you like and she’ll make it EVEN MORE STUNNING upcycling it!


I posted about Lisa HERE some months ago…She develops sustainable design using re-purposed and recycled elements making her work truly eco-friendly. Lisa customizes lighting, shoes, bags etc using graffiti and elements like auto-glass and thrift shop jewellery and other found bits to create unique pieces.

(and this is the AMAZING post about Street&Catwalk!)

I’m sending her my shoes as well!! I’m sure they’ll look ASTONISHING!! :-)

On her brand new shop online, you can check out upcoming events, her blog, news and know all about this amazing eco designer!

I told you she’s really busy…While I was writing this post, she’s just posted her NEW ARRIVALS!! CHECK THEM OUT!!

Furthermore… Lisa’s just entered in the Saatchi Online Contest. Help her HERE to choose which great lighting design she should choose to enter in the contest!

Well… that’s all for now… I can’t wait to show you MY BRAND NEW RECYCLED SHOES!! :-)


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  1. Lisa Wiebe says:

    I can hardly wait to begin Project Street & Catwalk.
    designing a funky new pair of skids for Fabiana Pio!
    I am so excited to surprise her with a LisaLesa design!

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